Sefer Ha Mivchar or Mivchar Yesharim (Karaite).


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Title Sefer Ha Mivhar or Mivchar Yesharim (Karaite).
Language Hebrew (Karaite)
Place/Date 1836, Gözleve
Physical app. .Very fine, original binding.
Content Commentary on the Early Prophets and the book of Isaiah, by Aharon son of Yosef Hahishon, the Karaite. Gözleve, 1836. Printed without title page. Specifications: 16,58,22,26,8 leaves. 21×33 cm. The book was printed without a title page or details. “Approbations” are printed on the first page. The book includes the Karaite commentary on the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah and part of Jeremiah. It includes a special composition against rabbis, as well as other small Karaite essays, each given a special name. Most of  the Commentaries were written by Aharon son of Yosef the Karaite (who lived in the 13th century), printed here for the first time, and a portion by Avraham Pirkovich.

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Manuscript on pottery