Rare Amuletic Bowl


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Author Rare Amuletic Bowl (Terracota incantation bowl)
Language in aramaic ink on pottery
Place/Date levant 5th to 7th century CE.
Physical app. Ceramic bowl (diam.178mm., height 68mm.) with some writing 3 lines rest under clay (not visible).
Content Terracota incantation bowl with 3 lines of spiral lines of Babylonian Jewish Aramaic. Such bowls were the most wide spread class of amulet in the late Sassanidian period in Mesopotamia from the middle of the 5th century till the ascent shortly after the mid 7th century.They were placed under the thresholds of houses, the rationale being that demons and other spirits would be trapped inside the bowls while crossing the portal.

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Manuscript, Manuscript on pottery