Mivchar Yesharim


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Sefer HaMivchar or Mivchar Yesharim, Commentary on the early Profets and the book of Isaiah by Aharon son of Yosef Hahishon, The Karaite.

Gözleve,1836,Printed without title page.

Specifications:16,58,22,26,8,leaves 21x33cm. The book was printed without a title page or details.

“Approbations” are printed on the first page.

The book includes the Karaite commentary on the books of Joshua,Judges,Samuel, Kings,Isaiah and part of Jeremiah. It includes a special composition against the rabbis, as well as other small Karaite essays,each given a special name. Most of the Commentaries were written by Aharon son of Yosef the Karaite (who lived in the 13th century), printed here for the first time, and a portion by Avraham Pirkovich.

Condition:Very fine,original binding