Christian Arabic manuscript, with some short parts in Coptic script


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Christian Arabic manuscript, with short parts in Coptic script. A lectionary following the ritual year. European laid paper (counter-mark Andrea Galvani |the Galvani family were industrialists and paper makers in Pordenone,Italy,1744-1855 |,430pp.(p.211 not numbered; unnumbered blank page between pp. 224-225), 16.5x 11.5cm,partly vocalized Naskh script,11 lines to the page, black ink with rubrication, dated Wednesday 11 Bashans 902 Coptic year |Tuesday, May 13,1186, which means that the date is probably a copy of the colophon of the exemplar; the copy cannot be that old because of the paper|, copied by Georgi Gadullah (colophon on p. 425),catchwords at the bottom of the verso page, full-leather binding with simple blind-tooled ornamentation and remnants of cling straps.Collection of liturgical texts. Mada’ih, laudatory prayers, for the period of fasting, the fast of the month of Kiyahk, followed by prayers for the other fixed points in the Coptic ritual calendar.Laudatory prayers for the Holy Virgin (pp. 69,93,98,111,119,132,146,158),Christmas (pp.164,169,172), Circumcision (p,184), Baptism (pp, 187,199,203,206), the Wedding of Qana (p 216), Entry into the Temple, to be read on Amshir (p.220), the seven Sundays in the fasting period (pp,225,232,236,243,251,258,271), Palm Sunday (pp,283,287),Good Friday( pp,291,306,312,318,), the Virgin’s complaint (p,297),the Saturday of Light (p.332),Resurrection (pp,358,365), Thomas (p.371), Ascension Day (p,373), Whitsunday (p,377), Fasting (p,380), Laudatory prayer to be said in Kiyahk (p,386),Laudatory prayer for the Holy Cross (p,390), Laudatory prayer for the Virgin (p,398), Ibsaliyya to be read in Kiyahk (p,407,412), Maximus und Domadius (p,417). Beginnings of prayer texts on pp.1,9,19,31,37,45,55,68,77,93,98,111.119,132,146,158,164,169,172,184,187,199,203,206,210,216,220,225,232,236,243,251,258,271,283,287,291,297,306,312,318,332,358,365,371,373,377,380,386,390,398,407,412.Short texts in Coptic script on pp.69,158,168,398. New main headings (pp,1,225 (simple illumination )..Notes in inexpert hand on p.426. Blank pages (unnumbered page between pp.224-225; blanks; pp,427-430).